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Hey everyone, SO EXCITED to introduce Be Rad Golf Club. I'm B-Rad, Brayden Robinson, and I'm documenting my golf and life journeys as a video blogger and blogger. Be Rad comes from my childhood family nickname and it encompasses how I view and play golf. To most, it's a silly expensive sport but for my it's a mindset and a lesson in life that brings people together. It teaches you to manage emotion, expectation, patience, and tolerance as well as respect and humility and for all these reasons I love it. This last year has been full of hardships but reintroduced me to my love for the game, and I wanted to share those experiences with you, and hopefully get to know some amazing people long the way. I'll be interviewing local golf pros, playing in amateur tournaments, going on solo golfing road trips (and passing along tips on how to do these yourself), and doing course vlogs in the off chance you find yourself in the same places as me. Thanks for your support, stop by our clothing shop for some Rad gear! Much love and remember to always Be Rad.

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